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We are currently asking for donations to fund the making and distribution of this important documentary. 

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January 5, 2012

Sari Dienes Film

Chiaro Films is currently producing a film about the life of Sari Dienes.  Sari was a kindred spirit and the quintessential neo-Dada post-abstract expressionistic artist.  Sari’s life and works inspired many of the artists who presently occupy space at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and at galleries around the world.

The aristocratic misogynistic art world abandoned Sari and this film is what is needed to bring the legacy of Sari Dienes to the forefront for future generations.  I firmly believe that there will be great interest amongst the art community for this project and all it will manifest.

With well over a hundred hours invested in the project thus far, we are seeking donations to continue filming in high definition as well as for post production and distribution of this important historical documentary.

Yours in art,

Jim Monroe, President

Chiaro Films Ltd.

4:33 pm est 

“ROUNDTRIP” (The catastrophic demise of The Sari Dienes art collection following Hurricane Irene)

Whilst the galleries snubbed her

the woman’s sensual spirit never suffered

Ms. Dienes it seems

simply could not be permitted

Rauschenberg, Pollock, Rothko and Johns

all said her work had real meaning

but peers do not the mortgage pay

and her Ear Inn years were financially unredeeming

with no agent recommendation

and lacking museum qualification

major recognition denied

unill the day she died

was it her avant-garde feminism

her ultra strange appearance

or her European moxy and Hungarian accent

that caused the critics to pan her neo-Dada

post abstract expressionism and let her fall between the cracks

Somewhere off  in the great beyond

Sari paused for twenty some odd years

granting Paco, Rip and Barbara

time to gently grease the gears

and through them

a faint hope appeared

a gaga retrospective of Sari’s life

but the glimmer just grew dimmer

as the art world twisted its vengeful knife

silence is the worst rejection

thus no lips would ever mention

the Sari Dienes collection

Now the twist is this

the shows extension

much to the curators


but the dye was cast

and stay she did

some would say

not shown but hid

and so Queen Dienes decreed

wind and water forth

To scoop up her belongings

paint pencil paper

mylar metal mirrors

bones wood cloth

into a thickened brown Minisceongo mushroom soup

from trash to art and art to trash

flash floods take life full circle

©2011 Jim Monroe

4:22 pm est 


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Photo couurtesy of The Sari Dienes Foundation

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